Share with Audience

Expand your audience

Easily share your blog post on Google+ whenever you publish something new. Each time you publish to Blogger, you’ll see a Google+ sharebox pre-loaded with your post, making it easier to connect with your audience and reach new readers.

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Manage conversations in one place

Bring comments on your posts together in one place. Whether people leave a comment on your blog or share something about one of your blog posts on Google+, you'll be able to see and respond to it right from your blog.

Manage Conversation
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Post Pop-ups

Find out which of your posts really pop

Use the +1 counter on the Blogger dashboard to quickly see which of your posts are most popular with your readers. You can also see how your posts get shared on Google+ with Ripples.

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Turn visitors to your blog into fans on Google+

Add the Google+ Followers gadget to your blog to turn visitors into Google+ fans. They'll be able to keep up with all your Google+ posts and share them with their circles, helping you reach more people.

Blog Visitors on G+
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Conversations on Google+

Start conversations with Google+ mentions

Include Google+ mentions in your blog posts to grab someone's attention. Your mention will link to their Google+ page or profile, and you can notify them when you share your post to Google+.

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