A day of sailing in the bay

Everyone's pictures, together at last

With Google+ Events, everybody attending the event can share their photos to a single photo collection, so photos aren't scattered across different websites, albums and email attachments like in the past.

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Pick a theme that fits the mood

Celebrating your friend’s birthday or organizing a concert outing? Get the right look for the occasion with one of our beautiful, animated event themes. Or give your invite a personal touch by adding a picture from your phone, computer or one of your Google+ albums.

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Drinks with Sara
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29 people took photos

Automatically sync events with Google Calendar

All your Google+ Events appear in your Google Calendar. When replying or creating an event in Google+, you can check your Google Calendar schedule right from the event to see if you have a conflict.

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Schedule your next Hangout

Can’t meet up in person? Plan a group video call with your friends by selecting the “Google+ Hangout” option when you create an event. Everyone will be reminded to join the Hangout when the scheduled time comes around and you can talk face-to-face.

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