Introduce yourself

Say a little bit about who you are and what you’re into. Choose a profile photo, throw in some fun facts, and even add some bragging rights. Your Google+ profile helps friends and family recognize you across Google.

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Connect with friends and family

Add friends and family to Circles to see what they’re sharing. Circles help you share with just the people -- whether you’re sending an inside joke to your family or sharing that unbelievable photo with everyone.

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Share something

Google+ is about great conversations. When you find an interesting post, you can show your appreciation by adding a comment or +1. Or tell the world about all stuff you love by creating and posting to your collections.

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Engage with your interests

Some of the world’s most creative and inspiring minds are on Google+, posting their latest ideas, videos, and photos on the topics you’re into. Join communities to talk about your passions, follow people you’re interested in, or simply follow collections that match your hobbies.

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