Google+ for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations work with so many different groups of people: volunteers, individual donors, funders, their boards, the general public, and more. Google+ helps nonprofits and causes engage with all these different groups of people in a customized way.

Achieve your goals on Google+

We know that at year-end you are focused on completing your goals, especially your fundraising targets. Google+ can help by giving you a targeted way to interact with your donors and make specific asks. We’ve created this booklet to help you turn your Google+ followers into active contributors to your organization this holiday season.

Highlight your work with a Google+ Page

With your Google+ Page, your nonprofit has an online home where you can share photos, success stories, volunteering and fundraising information, project locations, and more. Post content publicly so people can find it via Google search. Regularly posting interesting content, engaging with your users by asking questions, and sharing photos and videos are all ways to keep people coming back for more.

Check it out: See how Pencils of Promise uses a Google+ Page to promote its Global Change-Maker Campaign or how the Museo Nacional del Prado announces new museum exhibitions from their page.

Tailor your message with Circles

Different people have different interests, and Google+ allows you to easily share relevant content with the right people. Think about the various audiences your nonprofit communicates with, such as volunteers and donors. Circles allow you to easily tailor content for a variety of audiences, making your messaging more relevant to your followers. By creating different Circles for each audience, you can coordinate diverse groups by location, interest, specialty, purpose and more.

Check it out: The Chronicle of Philanthropy created a shared circle of different nonprofits on Google+.

Rally donors, volunteers and clients with Hangouts

Nothing beats having a live, dynamic gathering around a topic that your organization works on or cares about. Hangouts let you set up real time high-quality video conversations with volunteers, donors, clients, and other followers with just a simple click. Just let your followers know when you’ll be hanging out and what topic you want to discuss.

Promote your organization using +1

Help your message circulate by installing the +1 button on your website. You can easily grab a snippet of code and work with your webmaster to add it to your website. You know your page and your followers best, so we recommend putting the button wherever you think it will be the most effective. Learn more about the +1 button.

Check it out: See how Khan Academy and Save the Children UK added +1 buttons to their websites.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Google+?

To sign up for Google+, all you need is a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s quick, easy and at no charge to join. Start Now.

How can I make a Google+ Page for my organization?

To create a Google+ Page, you first need to have a personal profile on Google+. Once you’ve established a profile, you can create a page for any organization.

Can I have more than one Google+ Page for my organization?

The maximum number of Google+ Pages you can control is 20. If you have already reached this maximum, but would still like to create more pages, simply delete a page.

Have more questions?

Visit the help center for more Google+ tips and tricks.