Google+ for Politics

Google+ provides politicians, political organizations, governments, activists and campaigners new ways to connect and share information online.

Share more with your voters and constituents through a Google+ Page

By creating a Google+ Page for your public office or campaign, you and your staff can promote an issue, platform or cause across the web. You can put a +1 button anywhere on the web that you'd like for people to support your content, and you can connect your Google+ Page to your website and Google search results, via Google Direct Connect. Regularly posting interesting content, engaging with your followers by asking questions, and sharing photos and videos are all ways to keep people coming back for more.

Check it out: See how US President Barack Obama, the French governing party, UMP, and main opposition party, Parti Socialiste, engage supporters and share their campaign platforms on their pages.

Show what you support, and who supports you with +1

To help define your political positions, you can now publicly support political ideas, projects or news articles by clicking the +1 button on other Google+ Pages, posts or articles across the web. And people who share your viewpoint can express themselves by clicking the +1 button on your Google+ Page or on your posts. You can also set up the +1 button on your office website or on your campaign display ads to connect it to your page.

Check it out: Constituents expressed their viewpoints on British Prime Minister David Cameron's post about the G20 summit through +1s and comments.

Tailor messages to different audiences with Circles

Google+ allows you to group followers into Circles, so you can tailor messages to different groups of voters or constituents. For instance, you can create a specific circle for those who shared or +1-ed your posts, or for your donors. If you want your message to reach everyone, simply click on Public.

Check it out: See how Michigan Governor Rick Snyder reached out to his Google+ followers to add more people to his circles.

Hang out with your voters or constituents anywhere in the world, right from your office

Host a virtual Town Hall meeting, keep office hours, or meet face-to-face with constituents across the country through Hangouts, an easy-to-use high-quality group video chat for up to 10 people. In the future, you can also live stream your Hangout on YouTube for other interested parties to follow - a handy tool for communicating with voters.

Check it out: Broadcast live by Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier, Governor Mitt Romney spoke with voters through Hangouts. His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu used Hangouts to connect for the inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace lecture.

Share photos of your campaign and meetings

Google+ lets you easily upload, edit and share photos of your campaign wherever you are. With Instant Upload, photos you take with an Android device can be stored automatically online, so you can access them on Google+ in one click. If you allow geo-tagging to locate your pictures, constituents can also virtually follow you on the road.

Check it out: See how French leading democrat Deputy François Bayrou shared photos from his daily meetings with constituents, or how Senator Mark Warner shared a YouTube video of his trip across Virginia to meet with local communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Google+?

To sign up for Google+, you need to have a Google account. You can login using any existing Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, it’s very quick and easy to join. Start Now.

What's the difference between a Google+ Profile and a Google+ Page?

If you're a politician in office, or campaigning, we suggest you create a Google+ Page. With Google+ Pages, your entire page - not just your posts - can be +1'ed and linked to your office or campaign website and display ads. Since you need to establish a personal profile on Google+ when creating a Google+ Page, we recommend that you use and update only your Google+ Page, not your profile, to avoid fragmenting your audience when they search for you on Google+. If you have a staff managing your account, another way to do this is by having a staff member use their name to set up the profile of the account.

What is a verification badge? How do I get one?

A verification badge is an icon next to your name on your Google+ Profile that validates that your profile is really yours and not someone else trying to represent you. Verification badges are designed to help our users find what they're looking for by ensuring that people, brands and businesses that are subject to broad-based impersonation are protected. Since this is primarily a security mechanism, there’s no way to apply for a verification badge. If we think you or your page might benefit from a badge, we’ll reach out to manually verify you. If you believe a profile or page is impersonating you or your business, report the profile or page and select the ‘Impersonation’ option.

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