Council Bluffs, Iowa

We're hiring!

Google hires the most qualified individuals from around the world. We make it a priority to hire from the local community whenever possible because it‘s good for business and the right thing to do. Find available positions at our data center.

If you are a vendor or are interested in providing a service to Google, please provide additional information through our supplier interest form. In addition, we contract with our vendor G4S for security at all our facilities. Frequently, G4S hires regionally for open positions on their website.

Working here

Who keeps our corner of the Internet running? We asked a few Googlers about a day in the life at the Council Bluffs data center.

Shawne Zuber, Hardware Operations Manager

From planning multiple projects to organizing community outreach events like the Anti-Gravity Games (a rocket launching competition for local students), Shawne Zuber's role as a Hardware Operations Manager involves a lot of juggling. Shawne manages teams of technicians who keep the computers and equipment at the data center up and running. "I've been tinkering with computers since I was twelve years old," he says. "Thirty years later, I'm still playing with computers and making a living doing what I loved as a kid."

Tieg Weathers, Data Center Facilities Technician

Maintaining the right temperature inside our data centers is a crucial part of what keeps them stable. Here Tieg Weathers, who works in water maintenance, cuts a piece of pipe to patch into a new cooling system.

Tieg worked as part of our data center operations team while he put himself through college. He says, "I'm not a techy guy, but I'm astounded at how we use energy at each stage in the data centers. I'm proud that we do it efficiently and are the best stewards of the energy that we can be."

Ana Hanlon, Hardware Operations Technician

As part of the Hardware Operations team, Ana Hanlon works on repairing the servers. A typical day involves finding machines to diagnose and ensuring that the data is backed up before swapping out necessary parts. Her favorite part of the job is working with machines that are unable to start up. "They're sort of a puzzle," she says. "And it's fun trying to figure out how many issues there are and what might be causing them."

When she's not on the data center floor, she enjoys playing with her puppy, which she brings to the data center every Friday.