The Dalles, Oregon

We're hiring!

Google hires the most qualified individuals from around the world. We make it a priority to hire from the local community whenever possible because it‘s good for business and the right thing to do. Find available positions at our data center.

If you are vendor or are interested in providing a service to Google, please provide additional information through our supplier interest form. In addition, we contract with our vendor G4S for security at all our facilities. Frequently, G4S hires regionally for open positions on their website.

Working here

Who keeps our corner of the Internet running? We asked a couple of Googlers about a day in the life at The Dalles data center.

Mike Barham, Hardware Operations

As an operations engineer, Mike Barham receives alerts multiple times a day when servers need new parts. After getting the notification, Mike accesses an interactive software tool to pinpoint the problem. Sometimes the fix requires that he swap out a hard drive or, in this case, a motherboard. When it comes to servers that cannot be repaired, he and other team members break them up into raw materials (steel, plastic, copper, etc.) and recycle the components.

Mike came to work with Google from the Navy, where he worked as an information system technician in charge of communications with ground troops. When asked about the feeling of working inside the Internet, he comments: “The sheer scale of the data centers blows my mind.”

Denise Harwood, Hardware Operations

Surrounded by the deep blue lights of our servers, Denise Harwood diagnoses an overheated CPU. It's half of her job as a repair technician to help keep equipment up-and-running at all times. The other half is working on the data security team, making sure what goes into our centers is thoroughly protected.

Denise discovered her Google job in a unique way. “It was through playing Dungeons and Dragons,” she says. While playing the game, she met a Google employee and discussed future work plans. “I had originally planned to get a degree in literature, but later changed my major to Computer Science,” she says. After graduating, she applied to our data center in The Dalles, Oregon, where she now works as part of an 80-person team.