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iPhone Dashboard for Google Analytics

By: Marco Hassler - May 06, 2011 - 4 stars (2)

Have your website key performance indicators (KPIs) always with you on your iPhone or iPad - all at one glance! This application shows your Google Analytics Goals on your smartphone or tablet and calculates a individual "Performance Index" for your Website.

Using your Google Analytics data this iOS application shows website metrics that are important from a management point of view.

The following features are available:

- Have your most important Google Analytics KPIs on your iPhone or iPad (visitors, visits and page views - plus all your 20 individual Google Analytics goals and goal values).
- Define target values for each KPI (e.g. 1000 visits per day)
- See how you're on track reaching your target KPI values
- Weight a KPI regarding its importance compared to the other ones (e.g. a conversion shall be 50 times more important than a visit)
- Let the application calculate a performance index based on the KPIs, their weighting and success in reaching the target values
See dimensions like countries, new vs. returning, traffic sources, campaigns, social sources, search keywords or content in attractive charts.
- Charts are automatically segmented by the KPI that you select
- Share you dashboard via Twitter or Facebook

This app accesses data securely using AuthSub, OAuth or Open ID.

Comments (1)

Not good for multiple sites   2 stars  - Han - Oct. 17, 2011   

If you have 10+ websites you're monitoring this is probably not the best solution for you. App shows every site individually after two clicks back and forth.

Few KPIs - but right focus   5 stars  - Peter - May 27, 2011   

There are only a few KPIs available in the App - some more would be appreciated. But in the end this is actually how you should use analytics today: focus, focus, focus on goals and conversions. So five stars from me.

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