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By: Hub'Sales - Mar 08, 2012 - 1 stars (2)

Hub'Scan checks your website for the presence, activation and quality of Google Analytics tagging in pages, events, Flash, AJAX and more! Make sure key pages are correctly tagged with GA code and with the right variables to ensure that collected data is valid and relevant to your company.

Hub'Scan is an automated website tagging auditing and quality assurance solution.

Hub'Scan scans and analyzes pages on your website and then provides reports on website quality.

If you defined a tagging guideline document, you can specify the values for each of the Google Analytics variables (_setCustomVar) and functions (_trackPageview, _setDomainName, _addTrans, _addItem, etc.) and then check whether your pages are in compliance with your tagging guidelines, ensuring that the data you collect with Google Analytics is valid and relevant.

You can define user journeys (scenarios) and replay them automatically on a regular basis to check for defects and regressions, in case of a site revamping for instance.

Hub'Scan works with both Google Analytics and Premium Edition, but also with most web analytics solutions on the market.

To use Hub'Scan, select one of our subscription models based on your site's volume and requirements.

This app doesn't access Google Analytics Data.

Comments (2)

Ridiculous pricing   1 stars  - mpourkos.84 - May 15, 2013   

They can't be for real!!

Crazy...   1 stars  - Headset Adapter Co,. - Jan. 15, 2013   

$750 for one site? $40,000 for 100 sites? For what?

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