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Google Analytics URL Builder Chrome Extension

By: Assaf Trafikant - Apr 14, 2012 - 5 stars (4)

Most Google Analytics users use the URL builder tool which makes it easier to add campaign tags to url's in order to monitor their performance around the web. Instead of browsing for the tool every time to fill the form, now you can reach it in a single click with many time saving features.

This extension has some great features:
- Read your current URL automatically. No need to copy/paste no more.
- Create url's using official API via your personal account.
- Create and manage pre-configured sets that suits your needs.
- Auto generate the final url.
- Auto generate Bitly url.
- Copy to clipboard buttons
- Fast extension!

This app doesn't access Google Analytics Data.

Comments (6)

Awesome features...   5 stars  - Jamal - June 09, 2013   

Creating tag sets - that's what bought me :-) 2 seconds to share an item, no worries about tagging standartization. Well done!

Best extension for marketers!!   5 stars  - Elishia - June 09, 2013   

Great extension, saves tons of times! TNX

Genius!   5 stars  - Michael - May 09, 2012   

I'm working with this extension for a long time, and what I love the most is the automatic URL snap form my browser and the auto copy to clipboard. Thanks for this time saver extension :-)

Absolutly genious!   0 stars  - Kfir Lev Sinai - April 18, 2012   

the pre-sets option makes the work process flow flawlessly with out making embarassing mistakes. No more tagging a group of links of the same campaign with different speeling, upper/lower case letters etc. smooth... I enjoy this extension very much indeed.

Awsome!   5 stars  - Carolyn - April 18, 2012   

Simple to use and smart!

Great time saver!   0 stars  - Ran - April 18, 2012   

The option to create your own sets is great! I worked with the original Google Analytics URL builder for long time but it was to tedious, and even smart excel spreadsheets were too much to handle. This extension is a killer :-)

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