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ShufflePoint Studio for PowerPoint

By: ShufflePoint - Apr 09, 2010 - 0 stars (0)

ShufflePoint Studio allows you to associate PowerPoint text, table, and chart placeholders with refreshable Google Analytics data. Use the provided slide templates to quickly create a presentation with your data. Define and format your data using the powerful ShufflePoint Analytics Query Language.

Studio includes a large and growing collection of ready-made slide templates for use in your presentations. Use Studio to assemble a custom presentation by combining our templates with your own slides, then with the click of a button, all slides refresh and display updated Google Analytics data.

The ShufflePoint Analytics Query Tool is embedded within Studio, and is used to create Analytics Query Language (AQL) queries that define and shape the data associated with slide placeholders. AQL contains formatting features that greatly simplify the process of creating high quality dynamic presentations.

Our language AQL, which is similar to SQL, provides many features that simplify reporting web analytics data such as named timeframes and timeframe/profile comparison. Create a single template and reuse it for multiple profiles and timeframes. Use multiple masters to generate client specific presentations.

This app accesses data securely using AuthSub, OAuth or Open ID.

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