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By: MailChimp - Apr 13, 2010 - 5 stars (1)

Analytics360 combines your Google Analytics stats with your MailChimp email reports, so you can instantly see: ROI for the campaign (if eCommerce tracking is enabled), conversion rate, revenue generated, page views as a result of the campaign, bounce rate for site visits, and goals completed.

Check one box, and MailChimp will add Google Analytics tracking codes to your email campaign links, so you can find out exactly how many visits, conversions and sales your campaign generated. The email campaign stats are accessible directly in your Google Analytics reports, or MailChimp can pull the relevant data from Google Analytics and insert it back into your campaign reports—that way, you can instantly see specific campaign results and ROI in a single report, right inside the MailChimp application.

Analytics360 is an optional add-on, and it’s totally free of charge.

This app accesses data securely using AuthSub, OAuth or Open ID.

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Beautiful   5 stars  - trevorj.fitzgerald - May 24, 2010   

Works perfect with MailChimp.

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