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By: Ampliofy - Apr 01, 2010 - 5 stars (39)

Excellent Analytics is a simple plugin for Microsoft Excel that lets you import web analytics data from Google Analytics and use it in your spreadsheets. It’s an open source project and 100% free to download and use for individuals and businesses.

Use Microsoft Excel to combine web analytics data from Google Analytics with other sources of data. Excellent Analytics makes this easy!

Excellent Analytics functionality:

* Build queries with dimensions, metrics, and filters
* All queries are stored in your spreadsheet and can be refreshed

Benefits using Excellent Analytics:

* Use a familiar interface
* Combine data from multiple data sources in a single spreadsheet
* Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables
* Define and calculate customized KPIs
* Build dashboards just the way you like them
* Share workbooks with other Excel users
* Imported data is stored in the spreadsheet so you can sort, manipulate, and distribute data to anyone using Microsoft Excel.

This app accesses data in a non-standard way.

Comments (49)

Life saving application   5 stars  - akhill - Dec. 16, 2013   

Excellent Analytics is the only way I've found to seamlessly look at Event Category / Action / Label by page. It's an incredible service and I can't thank the team enough. Thank you!!!!

Thanks a lot!   5 stars  - Bjoern - May 21, 2013   

Really nice tool to pull you data into Excel!

Saves so much Time & effort   5 stars  - Jen - Nov. 14, 2012   

I wish I had found this tool earlier. It is truly excellent. My only "complaint" would be that there is a bit of learning curve, as the tool does so much. To begin I need some very simple data: what does each conversion cost me. This seems a little hard to configure. But I'm sure, it all gets easier after that...

Great tool   0 stars  - lemice - Oct. 04, 2012   

Thank you thank you thank you! This is a real time saver for me. What used to take me an hour now takes about 2 minutes..... did I say thank you? :)

Response to mattjdohm   0 stars  - Ampliofy - June 19, 2012   

Matt, you are the first to report that. Please always report issues to We respond quickly if you e-mail us. We can't monitor reviews for feedback. Furthermore, it wasn't designed for discussion, so we can't have a thread going here. Thanks! We look forward to helping you.

Errors in latest release   0 stars  - mattjdohm - June 18, 2012   

Buggy experience after install. After a few clicks the menus fail to switch properly and 'execute' does not respond.

Important for any GA power user   5 stars  - eurorscgsf - May 17, 2012   

Great tool & my clients love the output   5 stars  - Kees - April 06, 2012   

I use this tool a lot and the output pleasures my clients a lot ;-). Tip: Make a "real" table in Excel. Therefor, its more easy to update your charts related to the data, etc.

Saves time and nerves   5 stars  - Stefan - March 12, 2012   

My reporting got a lot easier when I stared using Excellent Analytics. When I showed it to a colleague of mine he also started using it. Wonderful tool.

Excellent   5 stars  - Mark - Feb. 07, 2012   

This really is excellent. Multiple query updates would be a nice enhancement.

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