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By: nModal Solutions Inc. - Oct 09, 2010 - 5 stars (10)

Handle large data sets, upload cost data, take advantage of all of your Google Analytics data in a powerful, automation ready platform for analysis, reporting and campaign cost tracking and analysis.

Analytics canvas can handle very large data volumes, querying from even hundreds of Google Analytics profiles, combining, transforming and summarizing data sets of hundreds of thousands or even millions of rows from multiple sources.

With a direct API connection to Bing Ads, and the ability to upload cost data directly into Google Analytics, a fully automated, integrated cost reporting solution is available.

It is possible to automate the creation of rich Excel dashboards, and deliver them via web portal using the Analytics Canvas web platform or to install on-premise inside the firewall for enterprise applications.

Analytics canvas can both read and write to SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, Excel, Text files and more.

Business today needs fast, clear access to the right data. Analytics Canvas provides the complete solution to make it happen and adds value to your Google Analytics installation.

This app accesses data securely using AuthSub, OAuth or Open ID.

Comments (11)

Impressive   5 stars  - Matt Strobel - Feb. 28, 2014   

Very impressive tool. It has helped provide a solution for merging data and filling a key hole within the analytics department at my company. Simple to use and provides a whole new way to look at Digital Analytics. Thank you Analytics Canvas.

Powerful Tool   5 stars  - Hadrien Dykiel - Feb. 28, 2014   

Powerful tool and excellent customer support. Great solution for obtaining unsampled data and automating reports.

AC rocks!   5 stars  - Data Sensei - Feb. 27, 2014   

Are you kidding? This tool makes the blending of data easy as [fill-in-the-blank]. Our organization requires we merge web behavior data with a CRM database, at the session level. If you understand what I am saying then you understand why you should start leveraging this tool pronto. Again, the value of this tool is immeasurable. AND... the guys @ nModal are super nice & extremely helpful.

Completely transformed our reporting process   5 stars  - Jon Atteberry - Dec. 11, 2013   

After switching to AC, the time spent on monthly reporting went from weeks to just hours. AC is a great tool regardless of your business, but it's absolutely essential if you manage reporting for lots of sites, want to avoid data sampling for large sites without paying for GA Premium, or want to integrate GA data with other data sources. It can seem a bit intimidating to use at first, but dig into the free trial and you'll pick it up in no time. Great customer support too!

Get serious with Digital Analytics with this tool!   5 stars  - Gautier Lemesle - April 29, 2013   

I've been testing & using Analytics Canvas for a while now. It's really the best solution so far I've been able to find to overcome GA standard limitation when dealing with big accounts. Yes, you can find other solutions, build custom tool ; but really, Analytics Canvas comes pre-loaded with so many functions & capabilities that it is, I think, the best return over investment solution you can find (little monthly cost + no-dev needed). It's the "limitation-free solution" for Google Analytics!

Recommended for start-ups and agencies    5 stars  - StartupCEO - Feb. 27, 2013   

I have a software services company and started using Analytics Canvas to combine GA data with my own internal sources to automate my dashboards. I've now created canvases for most of my clients, combining data from their Google Analytics accounts, internal data they send me in Excel files, and data from my own SQL servers. I highly recommend AC to other startups and agencies - it saves an incredible amount of time and enables new revenue streams.

Feel like a data champion   0 stars  - NinJae - Feb. 08, 2013   

Awesome product folks. Analytics Canvas saves us a lot of time. We use the command line version for report automation. This means I have more time to provide analysis rather than pull reports and stitch them together. Analytics Canvas is pretty easy to learn and even easier to use. You need to learn some basic concepts but after that you should be able to rock like the star you are.

Says what it does & does what it says!   5 stars  - magpie63 - Feb. 06, 2012   

I discovered Analytics Canvas when I was looking for ways to source data from Google Analytics, segment it in ways you can't do in GA, and incorporate external marketing data. I am not a hardcore data analyst, and it was completely intimidating for me at first. After a quick tutorial, I was building data queries and importing them into Access like a pro. This is a focused solution that facilitates a very specific, yet important function. Support has been great.

Easy to use and great support   5 stars  - tmrhymer - Jan. 17, 2012   

Great product. Currently using this to in an ETL process to SQL server. Anytime there has been an issue the support has been proactive. Developer also has frequent updates to ensure stability with changes that Google makes.

Great app but needs Freemium Model   2 stars  - I-want-freemium - Sept. 19, 2011   

This is a great app overall. However, they need to offer a freemium version. $50 per month for a single user is way too expensive. Perhaps you could just limit it to 1 Google Profile

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