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WordStream Keyword Management for SEO

By: WordStream, Inc. - Apr 26, 2010 - 4 stars (5)

WordStream Keyword Management for SEO is the ultimate keyword research tool, designed to help you discover your most relevant and profitable keyword opportunities, then organize and act on those keywords to drive traffic and leads through better organic search engine optimization (SEO).

Product Features:

* Keyword Discovery: WordStream provides relevant keyword suggestions & synonyms pulled from our database of search queries, giving you the language to build pages that speak to your prospective customers.
* Personalized Keyword Research: We mine your Web site's analytics data, uncovering the terms people are already using to find your site. Mining your analytics data is a great source of new keyword opportunities and insights for your business.
* Keyword Analytics: Provides accurate visit and goal data for your keywords on an ongoing basis.
* Keyword Organization: Grouping & organization capabilities help you segment your keyword list into an effective structure so you can, identify content opportunities and create an SEO-friendly information architecture.
* Content Authoring: The WordStream SEO for Firefox plug-in connects your keyword research with your content creation efforts

This app accesses data securely using AuthSub, OAuth or Open ID.

Comments (15)

poor comments are not justified   0 stars  - T Eccles - March 28, 2011   

Everyone wants a free lunch now days. If you read the tag on this company it states that it is for companies spending $3500/ month on SEO. A business like this cannot afford FREE LOADERS using there technology for free with little intention of becoming a customer. Key word search is supremely important. If you are a small company without the budget or need for a robust software application then don't complain about it. Find a small business solution, don't complain about an improper fit.

Credit Cards / Free Trial   0 stars  - R. Folz - Feb. 22, 2011   

I'm the new CEO of WordStream. I appreciate your comments below about the free trial, and the fact that we ask for a credit card up front for our SEO trial offer. Beginning with our next release of our Keyword Research / SEO tools, we will remove this requirement. We expect to launch this update the first week of March 2011. Thanks for your interest in our technology and offerings. I hope that you will visit our site in early March and try all of our offerings for free. Best, Ralph

Ask for $$$ free trial - Self Rating BBAAADDDDD!!!   0 stars  - USNetQueen - Feb. 06, 2011   

This company will never get any business. Wants credit card to try it and the only good rating this company has is giving it self 5 stars. Grow UP!

Needs Credit card !!!! No way, Jose :)   0 stars  - mdontchev - Oct. 12, 2010   

This askes you for credit card details before you get your free trail. Sorry but no Sorry Asking for Credit card details for "free" trial. bad practice...

pants software   0 stars  - bottyz - Sept. 28, 2010   

free-trial with cc info but make it hard to cancel!!

Needs CC details.   0 stars  - dilip.patil - Sept. 03, 2010   

Asking for Credit card details for "free" trial. bad practice...

Bad practice...   1 stars  - gmazzei - July 29, 2010   

I hate when companies do what you have done, buy something should NEVER be a mistake by forgot to cancel a trial. It should be a consious decision. I would give you less stars if i could. And i agree too that post 5 stars to your own product is as bad also...

Credit Card First - Nah   0 stars  - SEO - July 28, 2010   

This askes you for credit card details before you get your free trail. Sorry but I CBA with that.

Solid Product & Great Service   5 stars  - neilcosta - July 23, 2010   

We won a large client who had a significant amount of keywords so we tried WordStream to help us handle the volume and get live quickly. We had some outstanding support to go along with a key tool. We see this as a way to scale up quickly.

Hum   0 stars  - JLR - July 14, 2010   

To add to that, rating your own product 5 stars is bad practice as well.

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