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By: iPerceptions Inc. - May 01, 2010 - 5 stars (3)

A freemium solution providing Voice of Customer (VoC) survey feedback from your visitors and letting you integrate with matching Google Analytics data into GA reports. Get a more comprehensive understanding of the intent and perceived results behind each visit, providing context to your GA data.

Combine Google Analytics clickstream data with 4Q survey data points including: Overall Satisfaction, Purpose of Visit (why visitors came to your site) and Task Completion (whether they were able to complete their tasks). Using customizable GA reports, you can easily slice and dice the integrated data set to better measure your site’s performance against your online business objectives and optimize your site.

Highlights of reporting capabilities include:
- Tracking satisfaction rates for specific visitor groups to better evaluate landing pages, exit pages, search keywords, traffic sources and campaigns.
- Measuring conversion rates against task completion rates to gain a better understanding of the conversion cycle.
- Comparing satisfaction rates by time on site, pages visited, sections visited and geographic region.
- Examining time on site by task completion to distinguish between visitors struggling to find information and those positively engaged on the site.

This app accesses data securely using AuthSub, OAuth or Open ID.

Comments (3)

Answer to "Great Product but gets a 4 star"   5 stars  - iPerceptions - Nov. 30, 2011   

4Q Suite “Layered’ and ‘Discrete’ invitation options [recommended] use an HTML layer that doesn’t affect Google Ad word campaigns eligibility. Only the ‘Redirect’ invitation option uses a redirect that could affect Google Ad word campaign page eligibility. This invitation method should only be used on pages that are not Google Ad words campaign targets. If any problem, we would love to hear from you on our community site or contact us via

Great Product but gets a 4 star   4 stars  - FM.AdvertisingPro - Nov. 18, 2011   

I had been using this for months now and everything was nice and dandy, until... my Google Adwords campaigns were not running anymore. Apparently Google Adwords has a rule in the Editorial Guidelines stating that no pop-ups nor pop-unders are allowed. I went for a couple months using 4Q before Google caught the pop under survey. I think if you upgrade, there are 4Q features that can get around this problem; like the pop-up survey popping up on the 2nd page instead of the 1st page.

Works great   5 stars  - VantageResortRealty - June 21, 2010   

Amazing functionality for a paid tool, let alone a free one. You really need the qualitative insight in addition to the quantitative provided by analytics. Recommended by Avinash - 'nuff said.

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