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By: Carson McDonald - May 05, 2010 - 1 stars (1)

The Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for Wordpress gives Wordpress access to Google Analytics data. Access can be granted to blog users to see either the entire dashboard while logged in or just parts of the data in posts. The data can also be accessed as a widget or as part of a theme.

The following features are included in this Wordpress plugin:

- Monthly visits displayed inside the Wordpress dashboard
- Monthly summary data displayed inside the Wordpress dashboard
- Top posts, top searches and top referrers displayed inside the Wordpress dashboard
- Goal tracking displayed inside the Wordpress dashboard
- Summary data displayed inline on posts and pages index
- Enables ability to embed analytics data directly into posts or into your theme

This app accesses data in a non-standard way.

Comments (3)

logging in   0 stars  - suzanne - Feb. 04, 2011   

Check the boxes "forget authentication" and "forget everything" (then you might have to hit "save changes"). Then you should be able to log in with your analytics account info.

Can't log in   0 stars  - A r r i a n e - Jan. 09, 2011   

I have the same problem as the commenter below. I can't get beyond the log in page. Someone please help resolve this issue.

Doesn't work   1 stars  - arudd20 - Oct. 30, 2010   

I installed the plugin, entered my login information and it's timed out on me twice, refreshing back to the login page. It's not working.

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