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By: Rolv Heggenhougen - May 05, 2010 - 5 stars (3)

WrapMail routes all clicks on client email wraps with a unique url method that will show up in the Google analytics to see traffic driven to website from regular wrapped emails.

Companies invest a great deal in their website which is often the only “store” where they showcase products and services. The challenge is to drive people to the website but as we all know, more people in the store will lead to more sales. Corporate employees send emails every day to clients, prospects, friends and others but these are plain emails that do not generate any traffic to the website.
WrapMail offers a solution that does not require any installation but that seamlessly adds interactive letterheads (designed by the client) to every outgoing email so that each and every one becomes a promotional piece for the company and when clicked delivers the reader to the website. Furthermore the solution tracks the clicks and reports who is clicking on what and when (also in real time), turning the system into a research tool.

This app accesses data in a non-standard way.

Comments (3)

so simple and yet so effective   0 stars  - gerorge mclaren - Feb. 25, 2011   

This must be the single smartest branding approach I have seen in years. It was in plain site all along, we already sent emails and had a website - combining the two is a no-brainer! The service from wrapmail was unbelievable, we were up and running inside an hour (on a Saturday!).

Why wouldn't you wrapmail??!   5 stars  - browardnonprofit - Jan. 28, 2011   

I love WrapMail! It has been instrumental in my nonprofit organization going from an unknown to a recognizable brand. I love having people visit my website when they otherwise might not, and then as a bonus i get an email letting me know who clicked on it and to which page! It is also a real conversation piece! Everyone wants to know what it is and how they can get it. There is really no reason NOT to have WrapMail.

Loving This!   5 stars  - mcgier - Nov. 09, 2010   

I just signed up my business to start using WrapMail and after looking everything over, I love it. This is very cool and easy to use.

Amazing service   5 stars  - 12gaugeenergy - Sept. 29, 2010   

Now all emails we send becomes part of our marketing efforts and all employees part of the sales team. Great product and unmatched service.

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