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LogMyCalls is the only call tracking to automatically analyze the content of a call and automate actions from the results. Featuring Conversation Analytics, know what happens before the call, on the call, and automate what happens after the call.

LogMyCalls intelligent call tracking empowers users to track phone conversions online. Integration with Google Analytics keeps offline and online analytics together. Improve ad spend and prove marketing ROI by tracking call analytics alongside page clicks.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for LogMyCalls at http://logmycalls.com/pricing-and-sign-up
2. Sign up for Google Analytics.
3. Create a new profile and filter, entering a subdomain of your website’s URL. Call tracking data will be sent to this profile.
4. In LogMyCalls, go to the Google Analytics integration page in the setup menu. Enter your GA ID and the new profile name.
5. When a call comes through our server from your tracking number, a pixel-fire request is sent to Google Analytics with the call data to populate GA fields.
6. Go to Google Analytics to see your call call tracking data. Ex: Page Title is the call tracking number, Pageviews is the quantity of calls, etc.

To get started, call 855-889-3939.

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- sec.test.seed2 - Dec. 17, 2014
Very Intuitive
- Jason J. - March 16, 2013
This solution is so easy to use, even my not so bright Advertisers can figure it out! , I dig this!! Support is also top-notch.
Great Service
- npikover - March 15, 2013
This is a fantastic service. Great customer service, great product. You should definitely use LogMyCalls!
This is Great!!
- jamie - March 15, 2013
I think this service is top notch!
They must have super star developers.
- GinBlossom - Aug. 18, 2012
The site is very intuitive and easy to navigate.
Best App Ever!
- Jimmy - Aug. 17, 2012
Very easy to use. I know now where my marketing dollars are best spent.
They're the best!!!
- Bart Olson - Aug. 16, 2012
We've tried all kinds of call tracking products over the years and these guys are by far the best! We at keywordcatcher.com have worked closely with them to pair their excellent targeted phone numbers with custom targeted images/text for specific geolocation data or keyword traffic. Great intuitive interface, fast, easy, and efficient. They make it easy to track, score, and target calls. LogMyCalls rocks!
It's great!
- Jaime - July 18, 2012
I think the other reviews already said it better than I would have. :)
Simple, Intuitive, and Simply Amazing...
- kevin.yu - July 10, 2012
Great app, amazing reports, quick, easy. Reporting is flawless and has everything you need.
Amazing App
- AppMan - July 6, 2012
Very intuitive and great sales and support.