Live Site Search Visualisation

Yvo Schaap - Oct 08, 2013 - (5)
A dashboard visualizing live search activity on your site using your existing Google Analytics implementation.

3dcart Shopping Cart Software

3dcart Shopping Cart Software - Jul 10, 2012 - (4)
3dcart is an All-in-One Ecommerce Solution that automatically integrates with your Google Analytics account, including the Google Universal Analytics, Search and Ecommerce Tracking.

Liftsuggest - Price Optimization For Ecommerce

Tatvic - Oct 12, 2011 - (0)
LiftSuggest is a content experiment API based Price A/B testing tool for eCommerce store which helps in carrying out A/B Testing of Product Prices to identify user's reaction at different price point and eventually generating the price elasticity curve for a given product.

vzaar video hosting

vzaar - Dec 13, 2012 - (0)
vzaar's Google Analytics Integration puts your video data all in one place. Discover how many times your video has been viewed, how much of it has been played and plenty more. The go to solution for businesses both large and small...
Categories: Content Management