Infinity Call Tracking for Google Analytics

Infinity Tracking - Oct 05, 2011 - (63)
Infinity Call Tracking is now available in over 50 countries and has the most advanced Universal Analytics integration available. It will not only send phone call data into GA but also custom dimensions about the call, like length, rating or your own custom dimensions passed through from your site.


LogMyCalls - Feb 14, 2012 - (27)
LogMyCalls is the only call tracking to automatically analyze the content of a call and automate actions from the results. Featuring Conversation Analytics, know what happens before the call, on the call, and automate what happens after the call.

Call Convert by Century Interactive

Century Interactive - Oct 20, 2010 - (15)
Century Interactive is the only call tracking company that has real, live people analyzing the calls that come into your business. We help you figure out which marketing mediums are yielding the most phone calls, as well as how to capture additional sales opportunities and improve customer service.

KeyMetric Call Analytics

KeyMetric Analytics - Aug 04, 2014 - (9)
Nearly 65% of all online visits result in a phone call. So it just makes sense to track your inbound phone calls and conversions with the same depth of intelligence as your online engagements and conversions right? We agree - so we built the worlds' most usable call tracking and call analytics tool.

Easy Call Tracker

PowerMyAnalytics - Oct 12, 2010 - (9)
Easy Call Tracker is the only call tracking system that: 1) Works with US Domestic and International Phone Numbers 2) Reports Phone Call Revenue Directly in Google Analytics 3) Low Set Monthly Price Starting at $9.95/month – No Additional “Hidden Charges”


Ifbyphone - Apr 15, 2010 - (10)
Ifbyphone's Universal Analytics integration allows users to send call data into UA as an Event. Ifbyphone will attribute calls to the Google Client ID of the visitor who made the call. Users now have the complete picture of offline and online conversions, and how they are tied visitor interaction
Categories: Phone Call Tracking

Universal Analytics Call Tracking from Calltracks

Calltracks - Aug 11, 2012 - (6)
Integrate your phone calls and offline sales data into your Google Analytics account. Now you can see which web visitors convert over the phone, including the associated offline sales and transactions generated, alongside other conversion metrics such as form fills and e-commerce transactions.
Categories: Phone Call Tracking, CRM

Delacon Call Tracking Integration App

Delacon - Mar 17, 2011 - (6)
Delacon's advanced call tracking solution lets you view call data in Google Analytics and Universal Analytics. You will be able to analyse phone and web leads simultaneously. This solution will give you a complete picture of the performance of your marketing campaigns and strategies.

Nimbata Call Tracking

Nimbata - Aug 05, 2014 - (4)
nimbata Call Tracking helps improve Marketing ROI by measuring the impact of each advertisement you place. Track calls for optimizing campaign budgets, improving customer experience and exploiting various business opportunities.


CallTrackingMetrics - Jun 05, 2011 - (3)
CallTrackingMetrics provides you with the details of the exact website visitor that has made each of your inbound phone calls so that you are able to track the exact keywords, ads, and campaigns that are generating phone calls. Our tool is used by thousands of businesses, developers and advertising