Evolutica - Apr 09, 2010 - (9) is a free solution dedicated to Romanian websites to share and compare their Google Analytics data with other websites. This application classifies each website and exports a subset of data from Google Analytics to create custom category benchmarks.

GAget for Mac OS X

Zoltán Hosszú - Aug 13, 2011 - (5)
Get a quick look at your Google Analytics™ stats. GAget for Mac is the quickest way to view your Analytics data on the OS X Dashboard.


Briefmetrics - Jan 15, 2014 - (4)
Weekly email summaries of your website's analytics. In just 15 seconds, you'll start receiving carefully-crafted reports with your most important metrics in the comfort of your inbox.


SeeTheStats - Sep 09, 2010 - (5)
Publish your Google Analytics statistics directly on your own website.