NEXTANALYTICS - May 06, 2010 - (57)
Low-cost subscription automates fetching data from Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and more. Lets you create amazing dashboards for Excel and web and mobile users. Refreshes and send reports automatically. Data upload included. Very popular with power users and agencies.

Supermetrics Data Grabber for Excel

Supermetrics - May 05, 2010 - (37)
Supermetrics Data Grabber is a user-friendly report automation and analysis tool that gets all your data into one place and saves you a lot of time. Great for automating regular reporting, and especially useful if you're tracking many sites. It's extremely powerful yet simple to use.


ShufflePoint - Apr 14, 2010 - (10)
ShufflePoint allows marketing analysts to create customized and fully automated reports. ShufflePoint pulls data from well known digital platforms, allowing users to mix & match custom reports using the most ubiquitous data tool available - Microsoft Excel - now made even more powerful with Power BI

Google Analytics Evolution

Spanish Gringo Apps - May 19, 2010 - (9)
This web-app enables users to quickly & easily fetch, visualize, compare, & export Analytics data from multiple GA profiles & multiple segments for any time period. Anywhere, anytime. GA Evolution presents your site(s) data in time series format - perfect for analyzing trends & monthly reporting.
Categories: Reporting Tools

Reporting Suite

Reporting Suite - Apr 29, 2011 - (8)
Reporting Suite is the perfect solution for agencies and online marketers looking for a white-labeled custom report automation tool for Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Analytics Excel Plugin

Tatvic - Apr 06, 2010 - (6)
Tatvic Excel plugin can extract data from Google Analytics & Adwords API into excel. Users can setup one time Dashboard with Tatvic & refresh it multiple times with different date ranges, views, accounts. There is a forever free plan for starters & for advanced users it starts at $29 a month.

Analytics Edge Add-in

Analytics Edge - Mar 31, 2014 - (4)
Analytics Edge makes add-ins for Excel that uses simple function wizards to get your reporting done without programming or complicated formulas. Refreshes with a simple click. Connectors provide access to Google Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools and more.

Crucial Metrics

Helloka LLC - Mar 11, 2013 - (1)
Crucial Metrics dashboards facilitate at-a-glance analysis and insights around your key business metrics (KPI) without the visual overload and unnecessary interactions.


Cognetik - Feb 10, 2015 - (0)
Using change detection algorithms, Cognetik provides automated insights without the pain of analytics. Try the product with your data now. Cognetik has built data cards that address the most important questions about your online store, so you can take action right away and maximize revenue.