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MIT report: How data analytics and machine learning reap competitive advantage.

Data is top-of-mind for today’s business decision-makers. Gathering, integrating, and securing data can be a tough challenge. Analyzing the data and taking timely action on insights can be even tougher.

While many companies still say they rely more on experience to make business decisions, organizations like Progressive and Macy’s are deriving real competitive advantage from data analytics. How are they doing it?

Speed from insight to action.

Data-driven organizations are finding new ways to compete and win by collecting data and speeding analysis with machine learning. These companies report significant improvements in decision-making and realize measurable productivity and profitability gains.

In this MIT Technology Review whitepaper, you’ll learn:


  • How data analytics leaders at Progressive and Macy’s are transforming their companies and industries
  • Examples of how data is being used to guide business strategy and deliver value
  • The top three challenges data-driven organizations face and how to handle them







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    Speed from data to actionable insight and deliver significant business results.

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