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The Bible say salvation is in the name of Jesus now why do people believe in other gods
Credit 2011/04/02 Posted by No Name Yet
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some people don't believe the bible they said it have been distorted
2011/04/02 Posted by No Name
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All religions reach the same goal in the end..its all the same thing expresd in diff views..do u think a muslim will go to a muslim heavn and a christian to a christian heaven?tht is not possible..it shd be the same place, if there is a place called heaven.hence it doesnt mater wt religion u follow,only hw well u follow it.
2011/08/31 Posted by hermit
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@hermit:the ultimate goal is the pleasure of god undeniably,the acquisition of paradise is in reward of that love enacted through practicing in that faith.it is incorrect to link the goals with process of the achievement and correct acquisition of those goals.If a person has to run a competition and offers a prize for the winner,can a person simply come up and say,"but i completed the competition on my own without filling in the forms,so you have to give me the prize?"does it make sense?only one religion is true and correct,two opposing ends never meet in one common ground!
2011/10/01 Posted by ISMAIL
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Before Jesus ascends to heaven , he told his disciples that he would send them a holy spirit, who will be their teacher . so whoever accept Jesus has savior this teacher dwells in his heart thus believing in HOLY TRINITY and vice verse . So, those who believe in other gods they   have other spirit and not the holy one.
2013/06/20 Posted by No Name Yet
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