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What is Google Baraza?
Other - Google Products | Baraza 2010/10/25 Posted by John Mensah
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I am a member of the Google Baraza team.  One of Google’s goals in Africa is to make the internet more locally relevant and bring more people online.  One of the challenges of the internet in Africa is that there is a lack of local content online. At Google, we find that users search for information about local businesses, entertainment, health, etc but often don’t find it because the information is not yet available online.  In order to help bring more local content online, Google engineers have created Baraza to allow people in countries across Africa to ask questions and post answers to questions from others.

Here are some quick tasks to try out
- Answer a question on your favorite topic - Find a question by browsing labels (e.g.,"Programming & Design") or Search (e.g., "Economics")
- Ask a question that you have been wondering about

Thanks for using the service!  Please let us know if you have any feedback/suggestions
2010/10/25 Posted by Aneto Okonkwo
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