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Community Guidelines
Baraza is a free service that enable users to get their questions answered by the community. We believe that Baraza increases the availability of information, encourages collaboration and makes possible new connections between people.
We want to provide the community with the best experience and encourage high-quality questions and answers. The suggested use that we have defined serves to enhance the service as a whole.
  • Share your knowledge - Answer questions when you know the answer. People can benefit from your knowledge, opinions and personal experiences.
  • Be friendly and polite - Treat other people with respect. Baraza is a diverse community of people with different points of view.
  • Be active - When you see a good question or answer, vote for it. If you see abuse, report it.
  • Write clearly - Use correct punctuation, grammar and short sentences. Content that is well organised and easy to read makes it easier for other people to find your questions and give you better answers.
  • Be descriptive and detailed- Keep your questions and answers short, but add enough detail to ensure that people understand what you write. For example, a question such as 'What are the best types of restaurants?' could be more descriptive with a location and type of food.
  • Label correctly - Labels are the categories or keywords of your questions. Label your questions correctly and you will get more accurate answers.
  • Provide your sources - When you answer a question using information from books, research or other websites, cite your sources.
  • Use slang and local languages - Post questions and answers in the language and dialect that you feel most comfortable.
  • Duplicate Questions - Questions that have been asked before may be removed.
  • Posts that are neither questions nor answers - Posts that are not in a question or answer format (for example "Thanks everyone" or "I am going home, bye bye") may be removed.
  • Non-responsive answers - We may remove answers that are flagged by the community as not responsive.
  • Avoid off topic answers and chit-chat - Only provide answers that are related to the question. Avoid chit-chat discussions with other users. Off-topic answers and chit-chat make it harder for people to find quality content.
  • Stop personal attacks, bullying and offensive language - Avoid sexually explicit and vulgar language and images. Stop insults and slurs. We encourage productive, constructive and respectful discussions.
  • Prevent all CAPS and signatures - Write your questions and answers with regular formatting. Posting questions or answers in all CAPS and including signatures makes the content difficult to read.
  • Avoid repeat posting of links or ads - It is OK to put a link to your website, blog or email for more information. It is not OK to post links or ads that are unrelated to the discussion topic. Do not post links to sites that contain viruses or spyware.
  • Follow the rules of the point system - Do not create multiple accounts, post fake answers or copy other members' answers to cheat the point system.
  • Avoid false claims - Be honest. Do not claim false expertise or give incorrect advice.
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