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which one Festus? There have been around 3000 or so in the history of man that people have believed in. Which one do you believe in, and why don't you believe in the other 2999? I'm just guessing here, but you may believe in the more popular "current" god of Christianity,, and he doesn't like to share the stage or consider himself to be 'incorporating' the others. If you believe in him you specificially (according to him) don't believe in the others. So why no Zeus on Mt. Olympus for you? Oh also,,, if you're feeling let down by your religion,, don't fret! there is a TV show called Seinfeld that started a holiday very similar to your name called 'Festivus' - 'it's a holiday for the rest of us',,, seems nice!
Re: why don't you believe in God?
Author: No Name Yet
Time: 16 Feb 2011, 11:05:28 PM
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