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Member since 2010/11/19
nambuya winfrey
what is the significance of Holy comunion to all christians?
answers: 0 reward: 5 - History Baraza Education Religion
how can i prepare for an interview?
answers: 4 reward: 5 - Employment
why does somebody feel lonely sometimes even with friends
answers: 5 reward: 5 - Other - Relationships
why do people keep blaming themselves for things that happen naturally?
answers: 2 reward: 5 - Other - Society
why is it so hard to care for cancer patients?
answers: 1 reward: 5 - Diseases
what makes rich peoples children proud?
answers: 1 reward: 5 - Society
why is it that people prefer the simplest ways to get money yet they are dangerous?
Yesterday 2:39 AM
nambuya winfrey
answers: 1 reward: 5 - Society
what makes a succesful medicine student?
answers: 1 reward: 5 - Education
what kind of advice do rich people receive dat makes their bussiness grow daily?
answers: 0 reward: 5 - Hair Software
what makes ugly men rich?
answers: 6 reward: 5 - Cultures Religion
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