It's about time: Google Chrome for Linux

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  • Hi there! Over the past year, we've been porting Google Chrome to Linux and Mac OS X
  • We're not all Googlers, and we're spread over the world
  • We started by porting WebKit
  • We wanted to match the rendering of Chromium on Windows
  • About mid-Nov 2008, we could render Gmail
  • WebKit has over 10,000 tests which we worked with for months
  • Then we started working on Chromium proper, stubbing out large sections to get it to compile
  • 3 AM, Feb 10th: First multiprocess rendering
  • There are a million details to work out
  • And some big design changes along the way
  • As every Linux user knows, plugins are always a challenge
  • But now that we're up to speed, we're along for the ride
  • We have something that works. Give it a try!

Illustrated by Adam Langley, Google Chrome engineer.
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