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Where do I send my invoice?

We prefer to receive .pdf invoices sent to us electronically, where local regulations allow.

If the country of the Bill-To entity on the PO is on this list:

If the country of the Bill-To entity on the PO is not on this list:

Note: Payment may be delayed if the invoice is sent to the ‘Ship-to’ location, the ‘Bill-to’ location, or directly to your Google contact. Once we receive your invoice, we will ensure that the Google requester will be able to review a copy of the invoice.

When can I send my invoice?

Typically, we would expect to receive your invoice after Google has received the goods or services.

What information should I include on my invoice to help prevent delays?

Please make sure your invoice is accurate and complete. A few tips to keep in mind:

Note: Incomplete or inaccurate invoices may delay payment. We will send you an email if a revised invoice is required.

How can I check my invoice status?

You can use the Google Invoice Search Tool (GIST) to check the status of your invoice. You’ll need the invoice and PO number to use this tool.

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