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  1. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoid, #10: Who, Really, Is a Harlot ...
    Aug 14, 2012 ... ... List http://anosognostic.blogspot.com/2012/08/dr-woodys-fascinating-factoid-
    harlot.html. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids. by John Konopak.

    www.worldwidehippies.com/.../dr-woodys-fascinating-factoid-10-who-really -is-a-harlot/
  2. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids – The Pain of Algebra | Worldwide ...
    Nov 3, 2012 ... This week: A truly horrifying tale of how the course title of a dreaded scholastic
    math class derives from the pain of setting broken bones without ...

    www.worldwidehippies.com/.../dr-woodys-fascinating-factoids-the-pain-of- algebra/
  3. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoid, #7: Marriage | Worldwide Hippies
    May 10, 2012 ... Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids. by John Konopak. Worldwide Hippies “official”
    resident scholar. Shit you should know about. But mite have ...

  4. As The Cookie Crumbles: About OWS Apologetics | Worldwide ...
    Apr 18, 2012 ...Dr. Woody” is a nom du blogue used by John Konopak, Ph.D., rogue scholar
    and rhetorical handyman who operates Konopelli Enterprises, ...

    www.worldwidehippies.com/.../as-the-cookie-crumbles-about-ows- apologetics/
  5. Morning, With Woody: To Clancy, Short and Curly | Worldwide Hippies
    Jun 20, 2011 ... tags: activism, Alito, Dr. Woody, hippies, Kennedy, roberts, Scalia, Supreme court,
    Thomas, worldwide hippies. by Dr. Woody. WWH – Regular ...

    www.worldwidehippies.com/.../morning-with-woody-to-clancy-short-and- curly/
  6. Woody, In The Morning: Controversy? | Worldwide Hippies
    Jun 28, 2011 ...Dr. Woody” is a nom du blogue used by John Konopak, Ph.D., rogue scholar
    and rhetorical handyman who operates Konopelli Enterprises, ...

  7. Wake'N'Bake 101: CorpoRats | Worldwide Hippies
    May 28, 2011 ... WWH – Dr Woody was reminded the other day of Robber-Baron Jay Gould
    bragging that he could hire half the working class to kill the other ...

  8. Wake 'N' Bake 101: Triumph DOGS: | Worldwide Hippies
    May 9, 2011 ... viagra pills 4″ />WWH – You don't bad-mouth Pit Bull dogs around Dr. Woody. I
    have had one as a canine companion for 6 years. Budreaux ...

  9. Sunrise with Woody: Whale Poop | Worldwide Hippies
    Jul 1, 2011 ... tags: activism, clarence thomas, Dr. Woody, GOP, hippies, John Konopak, judicial
    corruption, media, SCOTUS, Supreme court. by Dr. Woody.

  10. As The Cookie Crumbles: Avuncular Advice | Worldwide Hippies
    Apr 24, 2012 ... By Dr. Woody,Worldwidehippies.comIn which Y'r Intr's'g't C'mm't8'r examines a
    putatively progressive platitude and detects the reek of ...



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