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  1. (Video) Dr. Woody's Fabulous, Fascinating Factoids: Pious Pinheads
    Nov 24, 2013 ... by Citizen Journalist Exchange. fff Dr. Woody's Fabulous, Fascinating Factoids
    John Konopak. factoids-pious-pinheads/
  2. Wake 'N' Bake 101 with Dr. Woody – The United States of Amnesia ...
    Mar 28, 2011 ... Agree? Disagree? Confused? Talk to the Dr. – Dr. Woody tells you his thoughts
    in a unique and entertaining voice. WWH – Dr. Woody thinks ... states-of-amnesia/
  3. Dr.Woody As The Cookie Crumbles: An “Ap-Paul-ing” w/video ...
    Sep 10, 2011 ... Dr.Woody, WWH – Greetings Earthlings! and a glad “Klaatu barata nicto” all
    around, eh! A correspondent in the UK asked me in all sincerity ... -ing-wvideo/
  4. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoid, #10: Who, Really, Is a Harlot ...
    Aug 14, 2012 ... ... List
    harlot.html. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids. by John Konopak. -is-a-harlot/
  5. Winston Smith, PE Nolan, Dr. Woody, Hippy and Blind Dog (Falk ...
    Sep 24, 2011 ... In Depth News with a Difference. A Little Truth From Winston Smith. PE Nolan;
    Eyes On Activism Commentary Dr. Woody; Cookie Crumbs -the-wwh-news-team-6/
  6. AM Drive w/Dr. Woody: Dismay | Worldwide Hippies
    AM Drive w/Dr. Woody: Dismay. 2011 July 18. tags: activism, Dr. Woody, hippies,
    media, Politics, worldwide hippies. by Dr. Woody.
  7. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids – The Pain of Algebra | Worldwide ...
    Nov 3, 2012 ... This week: A truly horrifying tale of how the course title of a dreaded scholastic
    math class derives from the pain of setting broken bones without ... algebra/
  8. Worldwide Hippies, Dr.Woody this week – Law or Justice ...
    Sep 24, 2011 ... By Dr.Woody,WWH – With all the controversy and conflict swirling around the
    execution of Troy Davis–a black man convicted under dubious ...
  9. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoid, #7: Marriage | Worldwide Hippies
    May 10, 2012 ... Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids. by John Konopak. Worldwide Hippies “official”
    resident scholar. Shit you should know about. But mite have ...
  10. WWH Homegrown this week; Dr. Woody | Worldwide Hippies
    Aug 6, 2011 ...Dr. Woody” is a nom du blogue used by John Konopak, Ph.D., rogue scholar
    and rhetorical handyman who operates Konopelli Enterprises, ...


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