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  1. Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoids – The Pain of Algebra | Worldwide ...
    Nov 3, 2012 ... This week: A truly horrifying tale of how the course title of a dreaded scholastic
    math class derives from the pain of setting broken bones without ...

    www.worldwidehippies.com/.../dr-woodys-fascinating-factoids-the-pain-of- algebra/
  2. Sunrise with Woody: Whale Poop | Worldwide Hippies
    Jul 1, 2011 ... tags: activism, clarence thomas, Dr. Woody, GOP, hippies, John Konopak, judicial
    corruption, media, SCOTUS, Supreme court. by Dr. Woody.

  3. Woody, In The Morning: Controversy? | Worldwide Hippies
    Jun 28, 2011 ...Dr. Woody” is a nom du blogue used by John Konopak, Ph.D., rogue scholar
    and rhetorical handyman who operates Konopelli Enterprises, ...

  4. Wake 'N' Bake 101: Triumph DOGS: | Worldwide Hippies
    May 9, 2011 ... viagra pills 4″ />WWH – You don't bad-mouth Pit Bull dogs around Dr. Woody. I
    have had one as a canine companion for 6 years. Budreaux ...

  5. Wake'N'Bake 101: CorpoRats | Worldwide Hippies
    May 28, 2011 ... WWH – Dr Woody was reminded the other day of Robber-Baron Jay Gould
    bragging that he could hire half the working class to kill the other ...

  6. As The Cookie Crumbles: 1962… | Worldwide Hippies
    Apr 20, 2012 ...Dr. Woody” is a nom du blogue used by John Konopak, Ph.D., rogue scholar
    and rhetorical handyman who operates Konopelli Enterprises, ...

  7. As The Cookie Crumbles: Helpless, Helpless, Helpless | Worldwide ...
    Dec 5, 2013 ... By Dr. Woody, WWH/CJE – Citizen Journalist John (“Dr. Woody”) Konopak. It's a
    good thing that Prez. Lowbar gives good speech, cuz that's the ...

    www.worldwidehippies.com/.../as-the-cookie-crumbles-helpless-helpless- helpless/
  8. Wake 'N' Bake 101: Homework | Worldwide Hippies
    Apr 17, 2011 ... tags: activism, Dr. Woody, economic conditions, Health Care, hippies, labor,
    revolution, Teabaggers, worldwide hippies. by Dr. Woody.

  9. As The Cookie Crumbles: Avuncular Advice | Worldwide Hippies
    Apr 24, 2012 ... By Dr. Woody,Worldwidehippies.comIn which Y'r Intr's'g't C'mm't8'r examines a
    putatively progressive platitude and detects the reek of ...

  10. WWH/CJE Video Soapbox: On “The JOB.” | Worldwide Hippies
    Jan 27, 2014 ... WWH/CJE – pundit/prognosticator “Dr. Woody,” (dr. John Konopak) explains how
    the killer cops who beat a homeless, mentally handicapped ...



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