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  1. Dubstep Music Mastering tutorials/tips
    I found some good stuff about dubstep mixing and mastering: ... Don't presume
    mastering will be a magic remedy that will cure all your ...
  2. Sub Bass - Mixing and Mastering issues
    It seems no matter what I do my sub seems to get distorted and lose power but
    remain loud, is there any tips on how to master and mix subs ...
  3. how is the mixing and mastering on this?
    please give me tips or tell me if there is any obvious mistakes in the mixing /
    mastering, any comments would be greatly appreciated ...
  4. Mastering tutorial: what it can do, what it can't do
    Jake Perrine, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, and author of Sound Design, Mixing
    and Mastering in Ableton Live, teaches us about Mastering ...
  5. • View topic - Mixing and Mastering in FL Studio?
    so ive finished producing 10 tracks over a period of time and im about to go crazy
    trying to figure out how to mix and master them and get some ...
  6. • View topic - Free Mixing And Mastering
    I'm offering free mixing and/or mastering for your tracks, I'm willing to let the whole
    process be for free and then obviously you can decide on ...
  7. • View topic - Mixing/mastering High Frequencies
    Ive been listening to alot of filthzilla, nero and skrillex recently and Ive noticed
    what sounds like 'soft' highs. It almost sounds like a totaly eq ...
  8. Mastering & Mixdown (ft. The Money Shot Thread)
    The Money Shot Thread) gain structure and mixing aka THE MONEYSHOT
    THREAD ... I need tips on mixing/mastering my track better!
  9. Dub Pioneer Scientist - Mixing and Mastering
    SCIENTIST! You can now have your songs mastered by ...
  10. Experiment: Mastering and Mixing AT THE SAME TIME
    For most of us who do the mastering ourselves, instead of paying someone, what
    do you think about mixing and mastering at the same time?


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