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  1. David Lamelas
    David Lamelas has a restless and peregrinating artistic practice that addresses
    the parameters of time and space. He has investigated these topics in a range of
  2. David Lamelas: Señalamientos. Solo Show at Ignacio Liprandi ...
    Aug 27, 2012 ... David Lamelas: Señalamientos. Solo Show at Ignacio Liprandi, Buenos Aires.
    The current solo exhibition by Argentinian artist David Lamelas ...
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  3. Watch David Lamelas, Raven Row, June 2011 | FAD Episodes ...
    David Lamelas chats to FAD about his career and his upcoming screenings at
    Raven Row, London. By Laura Bushell.
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  4. David Lamelas: Señalamientos. Solo Exhibition at Ignacio Liprandi ...
    Aug 27, 2012 ... The current solo exhibition by Argentinian artist David Lamelas at Ignacio
    Liprandi Contemporary Art Gallery in Buenos Aires presents an ... liprandi-buenos-aires/
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  5. David Lamelas - Works, Articles, Clips and Stills | Luxonline
    Born in Argentina, Lamelas was originally a sculptor, but came to prominence
    when he represented his country at the Venice Biennale with a piece called
    Office ...
  6. Above-The-Fold: Ayse Erkmen, Ceal Floyer and David Lamelas Set ...
    BASEL.- The three artists Ayşe Erkmen (born, 1949), Ceal Floyer (born, 1968)
    and David Lamelas (born, 1946) are united by an artistic approach that follow a ... Lamelas-Set-to-Open-at-The-Kunstmuseum-in-Basel
    Mar 25, 2014 ... DAVID LAMELAS opening: Tuesday 25 March 2014, 6 p.m. gallery opening
    hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. / 3-7 p.m.. On 25 March ...
  8. Just Before Dawn - David Lamelas
    Color/16m.m - 50 minutes/£800. JUST BEFORE DAWN. by. Davd Lamelas. The
    project is basically an analysis of the elements by which narative primarily works
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  9. JAN MOT | David Lamelas
    Extension of the Combat Zone. The Collection. 1968 - 2000, Neue
    Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 08/11 - 31/12. ·, Other Primary Structures, The Jewish
    Museum, New ...
  10. COMMA 36: David Lamelas | e-flux
    COMMA A dynamic new series of commissions enabling artists to experiment
    and expand their practice COMMA 36: David Lamelas Exhibition continues until
    2 ...
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