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  1. Tim Spelios
    tim spelios photo collage · installation · sound · archive · about · contact · no
  2. Tim Spelios at Studio 10, Brooklyn - YouTube
    Mar 12, 2012 ... Impressions from the opening reception of Brooklyn-based artist Tim Spelios'
    exhibition "Scissors, Paper, Glue and Books I Can't Cut Up" at the ...
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  3. Friday Gallery Talk: Artist and Professor Tim Spelios on Bruce Nauman
    Friday Gallery Talk: Artist and Professor Tim Spelios on Bruce Nauman. By Mike
    Schiro | Published: March 22, 2012. Tue, Dec 16 2008. Length: 30:36 | ... on-bruce-nauman/
  4. Studio 10 Performance, Matt Freedman, Tim Spelios - YouTube
    Feb 24, 2013 ... Performance at Studio 10, Bushwick, Brooklyn, February 23, 2010.
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  5. Tim Spelios - Film/Text 12 March 2012. Tim Spelios: Scissors, Paper, Glue and
    Books I Can't Cut Up / Solo Show at Studio 10, New York [Heinrich Schmidt].
  6. Of Amoebas and Cinema: Tim Spelios | Art | The L Magazine - New ...
    Sep 11, 2013 ... It took but a few seconds for Dr. Fido, Tim Spelios's amiably pepless old pup, to
    determine that I was an acceptably boring presence, ...
  7. Matt Freedman | VernissageTV Art TV
    Mar 6, 2007 ... March 2007. Matt Freedman, Tim Spelios and David Weinstein of The Cartoon
    Cover Band performs one of their Lightning Sketch shows for …
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  8. Tim Spelios
    Brooklynite TIM SPELIOS takes photos, assembles collage, plays drums, cuts up
    sounds, makes sulpture, and builds cabinets. He has shown his collage and ...
  9. Watch Bye Bye American Pie at Malba, Buenos Aires ...
    Mr. Klopp perform on the occasion of New York-based artist Tim Spelios'
    exhibition at Studio 10 in Brooklyn. Mr. Klopp are ... Performance: Mr. Klopp at
    Studio10 ...
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  10. Tim Spelios
    Studio10 is pleased to announce Scissors, Paper, Glue and Books I Can't Cut Up
    , an exhibition of new work by the Brooklyn-based artist Tim Spelios. Spelios's ...


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