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  1. Professor Yehouda Shenhav - IsraCampus.Org.il
    By: Yehouda Shenhav. In an article in the Israeli daily Ha'aretz from 22.10.06, the
    Reuters Agency reported that World Jewish groups began a global campaign ...

    www.isracampus.org.il/.../TAU%20-%20Yehuda%20Shenhav%20- %20not%20Arab%20Jews.htm
  2. Yehouda Shenhav - IsraCampus.Org.il
    Jun 19, 2006 ... IDI Watch / Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav (Dept of ... Yehuda Shenhav
    of the Van Leer Institute says the past five years have seen a ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../IDI%20Watch%20-%20Yehouda%20Shenhav%20- %20invents%20an%20Ashkenazi%20Conspiracy.htm
  3. go here - IsraCampus.Org.il
    Oct 10, 2013 ... Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav (Dept of Sociology) Touts the ... Shenhav
    rejects the 'Two-State' Solution as violent and inapplicable, ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../TAU%20-%20Yehouda%20Shenhav%20- %20touts%20No%20State%20Solution.htm
  4. go here - IsraCampus.Org.il
    Jan 13, 2012 ... Tel Aviv University - Ronen Shoval, "Im Tirtzu" Chairman, Documents Yehouda
    Shenhav's (Dept of Sociology) 'Ignorance'. A few days ago, the ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../TAU%20-%20Yehouda%20Shenhav%20- %20gets%20educated%20by%20Ronen%20Shoval.htm
  5. Hebrew University - IsraCampus.Org.il
    The steering committee: Huda Abu Mokh, Moran Banit, Tomer Gardi, Hannan
    Hever, Mahmoud Kayyal, Shira Lapidot, Khaled Fourani, Yehouda Shenhav.

    isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20- %20collaboration%20with%20NGO%20Zocrot.htm
  6. Lentin - IsraCampus.Org.il
    Lentin frequently cites the anti-Israel theories of the late Baruch Kimmerling, Oren
    Yiftachel, Yehouda Shenhav and - most notably - Ilan Pappe, best known for ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../Editorial%20-%20Lee%20Kaplan%20- %20Ronit%20Lentin.htm
  7. The Shmootz Corner - IsraCampus.Org.il
    Professor Yehouda Shenhav, Tel Aviv University (Dept of Sociology): Israel
    National News.com (Internet) May 12, 2010. 'Holding such a Zionist narrative
    serves ...

  8. Tel Aviv University - The accused traitor/spy ... - IsraCampus.Org.il
    Apr 8, 2010 ... ... Gadi Algazi, Yossi Schwartz, and Yehouda Shenhav (who is based in the
    sociology department) teach, and in the philosophy department, ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../TAU%20-%20accused%20traitor- spy%20Anat%20Ram%20studied%20with%20worst%20anti- ...
  9. go here
    Jun 6, 2014 ... Among its leading associates have been people like Yehouda Shenhav, a Tel
    Aviv University anti-Zionist communist sociologist. Van Leer ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../Editorial%20-%20Lee%20Kaplan%20- %20HebrewU%20-%20Amos%20Goldberg%20- ...
  10. go here
    Aug 31, 2013 ... She is clearly part of the tiny Mizrachi communist anti-Zionist movement headed
    by Yehouda Shenhav and his so-called Mizrachi Democratic ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../outside%20Israel%20-%20MichiganU%20- %20Ruth%20Tsoffar%20-%20Demands%20to%20Censor%20Spee...

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