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  1. led by the Marxist Anti-Zionist "academic" Ze'ev Sternhell
    Feb 12, 2012 ... Hebrew University - Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) defends anti-
    democratic Leftist McCarthyists being sued by Im Tirtzu for calling Im ...

    www.isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20defends%20Leftist%20McCarthyists.htm
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    The Olmert Government has decided to give the Israel Prize this year to Israel's
    worst academic leftist McCarthyist, Zeev Sternhell. That spelling of his name is ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20Israel%20prize.htm
  3. Anti-Israel Petitions Signed by Israeli Academics
    Snait GIssis Zeev Sternhell אלון הראל Avner de Shalit Prof. Itzhak Galnoor Anat
    Biletzki Moshe Zuckermann Dimitry Shumsky nurit peled-elhanan Avraham Oz

    isracampus.org.il/Anti- Israel%20Petitions%20Signed%20by%20Israeli%20Academics.htm
  4. Hebrew University - The Colonialist Ideology of Zeev Sternhell (Dept ...
    Dror Eydar topples Zeev Sternhell's flimsy far-leftist argument against Arab
    recognition of the Jewish State by staking the Jewish claim to the land of Israel
    based ...

    www.isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20Colonialist%20Ideology.htm
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    Jan 30, 2014 ... Hebrew University - Marxist Anti-Democratic Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political
    Science) Defends the BDS Anti-Semites. Just because they hate ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20defends%20the%20BDS%20anti-Semites.htm
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    Hebrew University - Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) - Israel at Fault for
    the ... In classic anti-Semitic trope, Sternhell gives terror a pass and demands a ...

    www.isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20Its%20all%20Israels%20Fault.htm
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    Mar 28, 2013 ... Hebrew University - Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) Calls for ...
    Sternhell insists that his misguided Leftist Ethics must trump Jewish ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20Calls%20to%20Suppress%20Israeli%20Sovereignty.htm
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    Jan 30, 2015 ... Hebrew University - Marxist Anti-Zionist Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science)
    ... Sternhell demands "external intervention" to force Israel to ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20Destruction%20of%20Israeli%20Economy.htm
  9. Sternhell and the Debasement of the Israel Prize
    May 5, 2008 ... Zeev Sternhell was always obsessed with the residents of Judea and Samaria,
    but he did not confine his hatred to them only. Throughout his ...

    isracampus.org.il/.../Editorial%20-%20Shaul%20Sadka%20- %20Sternhell%20Israel%20Prize.htm
  10. Hebrew University - Marxist Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science)
    Hebrew University - Marxist Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) says all
    centrist parties in Israel are far worse than Le Pen's Fascist National Front Party
    in ...

    www.isracampus.org.il/.../HebrewU%20-%20Zeev%20Sternhell%20- %20Fascist%20anxiety%20attack.htm


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