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  1. BFI Screenonline: Attenborough, Lord Richard (1923-) Biography
    Hacker, Jonathan, Take ten: contemporary British film directors (Oxford:
    Clarendon Press, 1991). Sergio Angelini, Directors in British and Irish Cinema ...

  2. BFI Screenonline: Sapphire and Steel (1979-82)
    ... and the absurdist work of Beckett and Pinter into a unique melange that in its
    imaginative writing and obscure plotting is still unrivalled. Sergio Angelini ...

  3. BFI Screenonline: Ghostwatch (1992)
    ... autocue); the parapsychologist concludes that the broadcast has acted as a
    gigantic séance, thus making the viewers truly part of the drama. Sergio Angelini

  4. BFI Screenonline: Traitor (1971)
    Le Mesurier is utterly compelling throughout in an atypical role, which he called "
    the best part I ever had on TV", and for which he won a BAFTA . Sergio Angelini ...

  5. BFI Screenonline: Wallace, Edgar (1875-1932) Biography
    ... 1938) Nolan, Jack Edmund, 'Edgar Wallace', Films in Review, Feb. 1967, pp.
    71-85. Sergio Angelini, Reference Guide to British and Irish Film Directors ...

  6. BFI Screenonline: Bergerac (1981-91)
    ... in the Jasper Carrott sitcom The Detectives (BBC, 1993-97) and the radio
    comedy 'Will Smith presents the Tao of Bergerac' (BBC, 2007). Sergio Angelini ...

  7. BFI Screenonline: Importance of Being Earnest, The (1952)
    ... hat that appears to be made from peacock feathers, shortly before uttering
    Wilde 's immortal line, "Rise, sir, from this semi-recumbent posture!". Sergio
    Angelini ...

  8. BFI Screenonline: Money for Speed (1933)
    ... one dubbed into French and the other with German subtitles. Lean can be
    seen playing a reporter in the commentary box in the race scenes. Sergio
    Angelini ...

  9. BFI Screenonline: Rynox (1931)
    ... in an acting role, the film also boasts an excellent performance by Stewart
    Rome who totally convinces in the dual roles of Benedik and Marsh. Sergio
    Angelini ...

  10. BFI Screenonline: Ritchie, Guy (1968-) Biography
    ... Empire, Oct. 2000, pp. 82-91. Fortnum, Ian, 'We Are the Boys', Neon, Jan. 1999,
    pp. 43-52. Sergio Angelini, Reference Guide to British and Irish Film Directors ...



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