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  1. EmacsWiki: Browse Apropos URL
    Oct 1, 2008 ... Apropos Searching. General Browsers. Most of modern browsers (mozilla, opera,
    etc – MSIE is not 'modern' ;-) allow you to write keywords in ...

  2. EmacsWiki: Browse Url
    ... DenisHowe) allows you to click on a URL in the buffer and have Emacs start a
    browser (usually Netscape) to browse that URL (see also BrowseAproposURL).

  3. EmacsWiki: Emacs Nifty Tricks
    Feb 11, 2015 ... LathI; Here's how my Emacs helps me fight procrastination: [1] – DanielJanus;
    Search Google and Wikipedia with BrowseAproposURL.


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