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  1. ErBot
    Now follows the basic introduction: ErBot is a bot that can currently talk to you
    through InternetRelayChat (IRC). It uses the awesome ERC for its backend, and
    is ...

  2. EmacsWiki: Erbot Installation
    Disclaimer: Please note that ErBot does not come in a nice packaged form for
    install yet. :). Nonetheless, if you want to install it and run it for some channels, ...

  3. EmacsWiki: Erbot Extra
    Jun 27, 2014 ... ErbotPisg: Pisg is a software that helps you create fun channel statistics from
    channel logs. To create channel statistics from erbot's logs, see: ...

  4. EmacsWiki: Erbot Emacs
    Aug 24, 2013 ... To restrict the apropos to the commands erbot provides in IRC, you can add the
    prefix “fs-” <deego> , a "^fs-.*wiki" *fsbot* 4 matches.

  5. EmacsWiki: Erbot Bugs
    May 4, 2014 ... “if fsbot suddenly takes over your computer… he's either part of skynet or there's
    a security exploit”, e1f on #emacs ...

  6. EmacsWiki: Erbot Contrib
    Aug 24, 2013 ... What the fuck? (defun fs-wtf (&optional acronym) "OPTIONAL: acronym" (if (not
    acronym) (format "wtf WHAT, you moron?") (save-excursion ...

  7. EmacsWiki: Erbot Ports
    Feb 19, 2012 ... It is an ErBot instance that connects to AIM using a local BitlBee server, which
    proxies AIM and the like through IRC. It is also possible to ...

  8. EmacsWiki: Erbot Instances
    Mar 6, 2012 ... Here are some bots (alphabetically) that use ErBot | who runs them | the wikis
    they usu. keep track of | and the channels they hang out on: ...

  9. EmacsWiki: Erbot Russian Roulette
    Sep 5, 2008 ... ErBot has, built-in, Russian Roulette! The simple version just involves pointing
    the gnu at your head and either letting it go CLICK or go BANG.

  10. EmacsWiki: Fsbot License
    Sep 5, 2008 ... DeletedPage. This page concerns the license of the database of fsbot (and not of
    erbot, the software). Fsbot's database's license is now ...



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