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  1. LispInteractionMode
    Nov 1, 2011 ... LispInteractionMode is the mode of the buffer first selected when Emacs starts.
    The first buffer is called the '*scratch*' buffer. It is useful for ...

  2. EmacsWiki: Info Look
    ... M4Mode, AutoconfMode, AwkMode, PerlMode, CPerlMode, LaTeXMode,
    EmacsLispMode, LispInteractionMode, LispMode, SchemeMode, OctaveMode.

  3. EmacsWiki: Emacs Lisp Mode
    May 13, 2013 ... Unfortunately, not all of the Emacs Lisp mode features are available in the
    LispInteractionMode. See InferiorEmacsLispMode for an Emacs Lisp ...

  4. EmacsWiki: Mode Compile
    Apr 27, 2014 ... Compile commands are defined for CcMode, CPlusPlusMode, MakefileMode,
    DiredMode, AdaMode, EmacsLispMode, LispInteractionMode, ...

  5. EmacsWiki: Guile Ide
    Dec 21, 2014 ... ... available to the EmacsLisp programmer, such as EdebugMode and
    LispInteractionMode, but that's because Guile runs as an inferior process ...

  6. EmacsWiki: Programming Modes
    ... comes with Emacs. JavaScriptMode · JspMode · LispInteractionMode ·
    LogoMode – Edit BerkeleyLogo source code and send instructions to to an

  7. EmacsWiki: Aaron Hawley
    Aug 24, 2013 ... LispInteractionMode#elisp-transcript – Generate a transcript of the output of a
    buffer filled with EmacsLisp expressions. InsertFileName – Insert ...

  8. EmacsWiki: Evaluating Expressions
    Jun 25, 2012 ... However, by default the mode of ` *scratch* ' is LispInteractionMode, which is
    slightly different from EmacsLispMode. In particular, 'C-j' acts ...


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