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  1. PerlDoc
    perldoc.el by SteveKemp looks up Perl function documentation within Emacs,
    using Perl's perldoc program. The package was posted to the gnu-emacs-
    sources ...

  2. EmacsWiki: help-dwim-perldoc.el
    Aug 22, 2007 ... (defun help-dwim-build-perldoc-obarray (&optional re-cache) (interactive "P") (if (
    and (null re-cache) (file-exists-p help-dwim-perldoc-cache)) ...

  3. EmacsWiki: Comments on PerlDevelopEnvironment
    May 26, 2013 ... However when I ran pde in emacs (23.2 and 24.2), I received a sentinel error
    when I tried to build the perldoc cache with M-x perldoc RET.

  4. EmacsWiki: perl-find-library.el
    Aug 17, 2006 ... We also provide ;; `perl-library-path', which turns the name of a perl library into a ;
    ; path on the system. ;; ;; We also expose a `perldoc' function, ...

  5. EmacsWiki: Eshell Functions
    Aug 24, 2013 ... (defun eshell/perldoc (&rest args) "Like `eshell/man', but invoke `perldoc'." (
    funcall 'perldoc (apply 'eshell-flatten-and-stringify args))).

  6. EmacsWiki: Perl Develop Environment
    Nov 13, 2013 ... ... Emacs::PDE provides other common tools such as creating files using
    templates, smart compiling, perldoc, perltidy, debugger, tags tree view ...

  7. EmacsWiki: Sean O
    (defun w3m-about-perldoc-buffer (url &optional no-decode no-cache &rest args)
    ... (point-min) (point-max) w3m-perldoc-pod2html-command t '(t nil) nil (append ...

  8. EmacsWiki: Sebastian Knapp
    May 7, 2010 ... ... (kbd "RET") 'newline-and-indent))) (add-hook 'cperl-mode-hook '(lambda () (
    local-set-key (kbd "C-h P") 'cperl-perldoc))) ; use spaces for tabs ...

  9. EmacsWiki: Perl Completion
    perl-completion.el is a minor mode which provides several useful features such
    as variable/method/module code completion, easy perldoc browsing, and more ...

  10. EmacsWiki: Ye Wenbin
    Lisp:help-dwim.el – Show many type of help in one command. Lisp:help-dwim-
    perldoc.el – Use woman to show perldoc. Lisp:help-dwim-perlapi.el – A simple ...



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