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  1. WikEmacs
    Jul 30, 2013 ... WikEmacs (pronounced wiki-macs) collects useful resources for working with
    GnuEmacs. It got started soon after 2012-03-20 in an effort to ...

  2. EmacsWiki: Swank Js
    The wikemacs page notes that “Installation is complicated and requires Node.JS,
    SLIME, js2-mode. On Ubuntu/Debian the nodejs-legacy package might be ...

  3. EmacsWiki: Emacs Wiki Content
    May 21, 2013 ... org-mode Project. Ideas, and todo list; Contributors: Helm (formerly Anything)
    Project. Ideas and todo list; Contributors. WikEmacs integration ...

  4. EmacsWiki: Comments on 2012-03-22
    May 21, 2012 ... As for using a robust wiki system, please check out http://wikemacs.org/ where
    Mediawiki is being used. I'm sure you'll find it more robust.

  5. EmacsWiki: Bozhidar Batsov
    ... color theme, ported to Emacs · The Solarized color theme, ported to Emacs. I'm
    also part of the team of the other Emacs Wiki - WikEmacs. Welcome to the wiki.

  6. EmacsWiki: 2013-01-23
    Jan 23, 2013 ... Found this today. The state of Emacs wikis: The Wikemacs Experiment: 300 Days
    Later. Discussion on Reddit here.

  7. EmacsWiki: Nic and Alex talking about Elwiki
    May 14, 2013 ... 10:40 nicferrier: the whole wikemacs thing. what a debacle. 10:41 nicferrier: and I
    was saying what I'm saying now back them. 10:41 nicferrier ...

  8. EmacsWiki: Michael Paulukonis
    Feb 26, 2014 ... MissionStatement MissionRant and WikEmacs. Is there more stuff that xrefs (or
    relates to) the above. http://www.xradiograph.com/Programming.


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