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  1. EmacsWiki: Window
    In Emacs-speak, a window is a frame pane, that is, a subframe. What is usually
    called a “window” outside of Emacs is called a frame in Emacs. A window ...

  2. EmacsWiki: Toggle Window Split
    The top window goes to the left or vice-versa. I was motivated by ediff-toggle-split
    and helped by TransposeWindows. There may well be better ways to write this.

  3. EmacsWiki: window-number.el
    Jan 24, 2014 ... window-number.el --- Select windows by numbers. ;; Filename: window-number.
    el ;; Description: Select windows by numbers. ;; Author: Johann ...

  4. EmacsWiki: Category Windows
    Click on the heading to find all pages related to window management in Emacs.
    Emacs Windows - Basics; Windows Navigation (Selection); Resizing, Splitting,.

  5. EmacsWiki: Window Configuration
    Jul 24, 2011 ... A window configuration is the layout of the various windows in an Emacs frame.
    Such a window configuration can be stored in a register (see ...

  6. EmacsWiki: popup-select-window.el
    (defvar popup-select-window-window-highlight-face 'highlight "*The face for
    selected window.") (defvar popup-select-window-use-modeline-highlight t "*Non-
    nil ...

  7. EmacsWiki: Window Navigation
    Aug 24, 2013 ... However, when you start doing vertical splits it starts getting harder to move to the
    window you want. The more windows you have open the ...

  8. EmacsWiki: Window Resize
    In order to shrink a window, you can enlarge an other window or you can use a
    negative prefix argument (eg. C-u -1 C-x ^ behaves exactly like shrink-window ...

  9. EmacsWiki: X Window Emacs Manager
    Jul 28, 2011 ... X Window Emacs Manager. XWEM is window manager written in Emacs lisp.
    State: very alpha. It is an attempt to make use of all Emacs power ...

  10. EmacsWiki: switch-window.el
    Sep 13, 2010 ... switch-window.el · Talk · Download ;;; Now at http://github.com/dimitri/switch-
    window. Add Translation · Edit this page View other revisions ...



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