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  1. BPM from a Business Point of View
    The benefits of managing your business processes can be enormous...Managing
    ChangeWhether you like it or not, change happens...Typically, we will respond ...

  2. SOA in Action Blog
    ebizQ Presents Presents Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Action Virtual
    Conference - ebizQ is the definitive venue for business and IT professionals, ...

  3. Software Infrastructure for Business Value
    Neil Ward-Dutton, founder and Research Director of MWD Advisors offers his
    perspective on key software infrastructure issues, IT-business alignment and ...

  4. New Frontiers in Business Intelligence
    Nari Kannan's blog explores how new approaches to business intelligence can
    help organizations improve the performance of business processes--whether ...

  5. Business Ecology Initiative & Service-Oriented Solution
    We are familiar with an input and the outcome of a Business Process, some
    people include actions/activities into a Business Process, which I disagree with,
    but ...

  6. Making Sense of Business Information.
    Episode 5 - Solution Vision When looking at your challenges for business
    intelligence, it is important to understand what you want in a solution. What is
    your ...

  7. Harnessing Social Business Intelligence: Nine Strategic Uses - Dion ...
    Aug 22, 2011 ... As businesses begin looking strategically at big data as a way to improve their
    business performance, an important element of their efforts will ...

  8. BI in Action
    ebizQ Presents BI in Action Virtual Conference - ebizQ is the definitive venue for
    business and IT professionals, vendors, and industry analysts to exchange ...

  9. Is $50 Oil Impacting Your Business? - BPM from a Business Point of ...
    Apr 2, 2015 ... BPM [Business Process Management] software - These provide control and
    visibility over your processes. A few of them even allow for ...

  10. Essential CIO Priorities for Digital Business in 2014 - Dion ...
    May 13, 2014 ... Making the online side of an enterprise a success on par with the legacy line of
    business has become an imperative in many organizations this ...



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