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  1. Software Infrastructure for Business Value
    Neil Ward-Dutton, founder and Research Director of MWD Advisors offers his
    perspective on key software infrastructure issues, IT-business alignment and ...

  2. Software Test Management and Metrics
    Software Testing - When and how early to do? If you are familiar with the
    dilemma faced by every project manager about when to spend $ to test a
    particular ...

  3. Pragmatic Software Design
    Vijay Narayanan blogs about software design from several perspectives - SOA,
    BPM, messaging, systematic reuse, agility, and architecture.

  4. Best of Breed vs. Enterprise Software - Making Sense of Business ...
    Jan 25, 2010 ... ... to achieve a more objective analysis, let's look at the upside and downside of
    each alternative. Best of Breed Software Solutions The upside.

  5. Pragmatic Software Design: software design Archives
    Here area set of ideas, candidate assets if you will, of reusable software
    capabilities for your business processes. Please don't take these as capabilities
    you ...

  6. Choosing an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software ...
    May 4, 2015 ... Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software, unfortunately, is a poorly defined (
    and often poorly executed) concept, but by structuring your ...

  7. Fixing the First Root Cause of Bad Data Quality - Bad Software ...
    Apr 26, 2011 ... Everybody has their own story about software implementations lurching or
    stagnating, then going forward at incredible speeds when deadlines ...

  8. Five Reasons Your Company Hasn't Adopted ERM Software, and ...
    May 7, 2015 ... Despite evidence that mature ERM programs add significant value, many
    organizations remain hesitant when it comes to adopting a software ...

  9. ERM Software - Selecting the Best Solution - Manage Tomorrow's ...
    Dec 17, 2013 ... As organizations turn to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software to
    automate and enhance aspects of their ERM Programs, it's time to take ...

  10. Software Infrastructure for Business Value: IT Governance Archives
    Why we need ALM: industry's dangerous flirtation with software quality,Software
    AG goes in an interesting direction for SOA governance,HP tightens up its SOA ...



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