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  1. iPad for Litigators | ALI-CLE.org
    In just two years, the iPad has gone from a gadget and web browser to a real
    productivity tool that litigators can use regularly in their practice. Today, many trial

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  2. iPad for Litigators 2.0 | ALI-CLE.org
    The iPad is transforming the way lawyers try cases; where before they had to rely
    on trial technologists or assistants to manage technology at trial, now lawyers ...

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  3. iPad for Litigators: Best Practices from Both Sides of the Bench | ALI ...
    Dec 15, 2014 ... Using an iPad in your litigation practice? Thinking about making the switch?
    There are many success stories about litigators using the iPad ...

    https://www.ali-cle.org/TSWM11 - Cached
  4. 60 iPhone and iPad Apps in 60 Minutes for Lawyers | ALI-CLE.org
    The Apple Store has sold over a billion apps for the iPhone and iPad since 2008.
    Surely some of those apps can help an iPhone-toting or iPad-loving lawyer be ...

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  5. iPad for Lawyers: Fall 2014 Edition | ALI-CLE.org
    Oct 15, 2014 ... In just four years, the iPad has exploded in popularity; nearly half of all lawyers
    report owning a tablet device. But most lawyers report that they ...

    https://www.ali-cle.org/VCWM1015 - Cached
  6. iPad for Transactional Lawyers: Advanced Tips & Tricks | ALI-CLE.org
    Building on iPad for Lawyers: Using It in Your Daily Practice, Steve Weise will
    show transactional lawyers how to do this and more in this advanced program.

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  7. iPhone and iPad Apps for Lawyers | ALI-CLE.org
    As Apple nears one million iPhone and iPad apps in its App Store, you may be
    wondering: How do I cut through all of the noise and find the best apps for ...

    https://www.ali-cle.org/RSUM10 - Cached
  8. iPad for Transactional Lawyers: Doing Deals with Your iPad | ALI ...
    Almost a half-million attorneys now use an iPad ---2013 ABA Legal Technology
    Survey Report. Business lawyers across the nation who want a competitive ...

    https://www.ali-cle.org/VCVA1031 - Cached
  9. iPad for Lawyers: Using It in Your Daily Practice | ALI-CLE.org
    Jan 23, 2015 ... The iPad can improve your efficiency and mobility but you might not have the
    time to wade through thousands of apps to find the best ones for ...

    https://www.ali-cle.org/VCWM0123 - Cached
  10. iPad for Transactional Lawyers: Advanced Tips & Tricks | ALI-CLE.org
    Feb 5, 2015 ... Add follow-up reminders to your calendar from your favorite document editing
    app? Building on iPad for Lawyers: Using It in Your Daily Practice ...

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