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  1. The Vegetarian Resource Group--Burger King French Fry Update
    Apr 29, 2003 ... Burger King's Media Relations department has informed us that the poultry-
    derived amino acid is no longer part of the natural flavoring used on ...
  2. the vegetarian resource group -- fast food information
    In December 2006, Burger King declined our request for information regarding
    food ingredients in their menu items. This entry on Burger King is based on ...
  3. fast food information
    Elevation Burger Offers Vegetarian and Vegan Menu Options ..... In May 2007,
    Burger King told us that they "cannot guarantee" the source of the L-cysteine in ...
  4. VRG-NEWS April 2002 -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
    Apr 17, 2002 ... Last month, the fast food industry made waves in the vegetarian community with
    the McDonald's proposed settlement and Burger King's "BK ...
  5. Note From the Coordinators - The Vegetarian Resource Group
    For a college marketing paper in the 1970s, Charles wrote that Burger King
    should start Vege King since, back then, Burger King was a part of Pillsbury,
    which ...
  6. VRG-News -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
  7. Vegetarian Journal 2005 Issue 2 -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
    May 14, 2005 ... We've also learned that, according to the Burger King website (updated in
    December 2004), the veggie burger that the company offers now has ...
  8. VRG-NEWS May 2002 -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
    May 18, 2002 ... We called Burger King's Media Relations department about this, and they stated
    that the fries do contain a small amount of a poultry-based ...
  9. how many vegetarians are there?
    Sep 15, 2003 ... Burger King now offers a vegetable burger. Most supermarkets carry soymilk and
    veggie alternatives to meats.*. The Vegetarian Resource ...
  10. VRG-NEWS June 2005 -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
    Jun 20, 2005 ... Children Can Be Healthy on a Vegan Diet; Burger King's New BK Veggie Burger;
    2004 Vegetarian Journal Issue 3 Online; RECIPE: Vegetable ...


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