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  1. BE THYSELF - Ministry of Information
    BE THYSELF. Download as wallpaper for. Tablet. “Remember that unbalanced
    force is evil; that unbalanced severity is but cruelty and oppression; but that also ...

  2. Liber Libræ sub figura XXX (Book 30) - Libri - Aleister Crowley
    that Equilibrium is the basis of the Work. If thou thyself hast not a sure foundation,
    whereon wilt thou stand to direct the forces of Nature? Know then, that as man ...

  3. Liber III vel Jugorum - Libri - Aleister Crowley
    On each occasion that thou art betrayed into saying that thou art sworn to avoid,
    cut thyself sharply upon the writs or forearm with a razor; even as thou shouldst ...

  4. The Heart of the Master by Aleister Crowley
    Thou art that which thou choosest to think thyself, immune to all, for it is nothing
    but a Point of View. Now there bursts forth a Wave of Light and there folls forth in

  5. Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni sub figurâ CLVI (Book 156) - Aleister ...
    Thou hast health; slay thyself in the fervour of thine abandonment unto Our Lady.
    Let thy flesh hang loose upon thy bones, and thine eyes glare with thy ...

  6. Thelema 101 - Eidolons of Ash
    ... apparent opposites that Attainment is possible. Perhaps the finest summary of
    Thelemic equilibrium is the maxim, "Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself ...

  7. My Favorite Crowley Quotes - Eidolons of Ash
    But now the Word of Me the Beast is this: not only art thou Woman, sworn to a
    purpose not thine own; thou art thyself a star, and in thyself a purpose to thyself.

  8. "Love still these phantoms of the earth; thou hast made thyself a king ...
    Mar 11, 2012 ... “Love still these phantoms of the earth; thou hast made thyself a king; if it please
    thee to play with toys of matter, were they not made to serve thy ...

    library.hrmtc.com/.../love-still-these-phantoms-of-the-earth-thou-hast-made- thyself-a-king-if-it-please-thee-to-play-with-toys-of-matter-were-the...
  9. Chapter 21 - Magick in Theory and Practice - Book 4 - Aleister Crowley
    This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our
    race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade "Know Thyself!" and taught Initiation.

  10. "Do this by virtue of THAT in thyself before which law and nature are ...
    Feb 17, 2012 ... ... in Liber CCCXXXIII, The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. “Do this by virtue of
    THAT in thyself before which law and nature are but shadows.

    library.hrmtc.com/.../do-this-by-virtue-of-that-in-thyself-before-which-law- and-nature-are-but-shadows/


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