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  1. Chapter LXVI: Vampires - Magick Without Tears
    Cara Soror,. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. So you want me to
    tell you all about Vampires? Vampire yourself! I ask you, how does this come ...

  2. Vampire Women - Aleister Crowley in Vanity Fair
    Everybody seems to be talking, or writing, about vampires and vampire women.
    The Romans started the fad, of course. No fluttering bat in Rome but suggested ...

  3. The Cadaver Synod: Esoteric Fiction and Fictional Esoterica
    Vampires. “Any being who, under the guise of love, draws the strength from
    another ... Vikram and the vampire: or, Tales of Hindu devilry (Google) by Sir
    Richard ...

    THE VAMPIRE I DREAM in strange laughterless Mazes; I wake at the set of the
    sun; All poppied the paean of praise is That lives on the lives it has won.

  5. (Originally from hermeticlibrary) 32 notes
    It is easy enough to laugh at vampires if you live in Upper Tooting, or Surbiton, or
    one of those places where no self-respecting Vampire would wish to be seen.

    crowleyquotes.hrmtc.com/.../it-is-easy-enough-to-laugh-at-vampires-if-you- live
  6. The Last Days of Christ the Vampire - The Hermetic Library Blog
    May 13, 2014 ... Professor Holbach thinks Christ the Vampire is just a metaphor giving him
    nightmares. But when he starts telling his story to others he and his ...

  7. Your Vampire Spell - The Hermetic Library Blog
    Dec 31, 2013 ... “Because love is without a self control, it is the basis for a fiction that can't come
    close to the truth. Vampires best describe the fallacy of love and ...

  8. vampire Archives - The Hermetic Library Blog
    Jul 29, 2013 ... The Fifth International Conference of the Association for the Study of Esotericism
    on June 19th–22nd, 2014 at Colgate University in Hamilton, ...

  9. THELEMA A Tone-Testament - Equinox I viii - Aleister Crowley
    Glow with the vampire vanity of youth. Stolen from maids, so let thine own eyes
    shine. In this fantastic mystery of thine! Thine eyes are love and truth and loyalty;

  10. interview with a vampire Archives | The Hermetic Library Blog
    Jan 11, 2013 ... The monster-type of the novel is a sorceror-lycanthrope-vampire, representing
    the genetic recrudescence of a pre-human race that has ...



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